Football Stadium Cookies


Exactly how to decorate football stadium cookies without royal icing for Super Bowl, Football Sunday, & Tailgates! This post details exactly how to decorate football sugar cookies!

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Football Sugar Cookies

Football season is in full swing, and what better way to show your team spirit than with some delectably designed treats?

Welcome to a fun guide on how to make football stadium cookies.

While you can use any basic sugar cookies recipe for the base, it’s the decorating that truly brings these cookies to life!

Picture this: a green icing football field, white icing markings, and maybe even a goal post.

You don’t need to be a cookie decorating expert to make these cookies!

Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or just looking for a sweet way to celebrate game day, these football stadium sugar cookies are bound to be a huge hit among football fans.

Football Stadium Cookies: Table of Contents

Football Sugar Cookies Overhead Image

Ingredients To Make Football Stadium Cookies

There are 5 key ingredients to make football stadium sugar cookies:

  1. Your favorite sugar cookies
  2. Green cookie icing
  3. White cookie icing
  4. Rainbow nonpareils
  5. Yellow buttercream frosting
  1. Homemade: Handle The Heat’s Cut Out Sugar Cookie
  2. Prepared mix: Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix
Football Cookie Tutorial Photo of Frosting And Sprinkles

Equipment To Make Football Stadium Cookies

  1. Stand mixer (or hand mixer + mixing bowl)
  2. Measuring cups
  3. Spatula
  4. Rolling pin
  5. Baking tray
  6. Parchment paper
  7. Cooling rack
  8. 4″ circle cookie cutter
  9. Toothpicks
Collage of How To Decorate Football Sugar Cookies

How To Decorate A Football Stadium Cookies

There are four main steps:

  1. First, bake the cookies.
  2. Then, apply green icing to half of each cookie. Let it dry completely.
  3. Next, apply white icing to the other half of the cookie then cover with rainbow nonpareils. Let dry for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. Lastly, add the goal post using yellow frosting.

For more detailed instructions, check out the recipe card below.

Collage of How To Make Football Stadium Sugar Cookies

Recipe Tips for Football Field Cookies

  1. Preparation: Before you start, line your baking sheet with parchment paper. This helps in easy removal of the football stadium sugar cookies without them sticking.
  2. The Perfect Base: While the focus is on decorating, ensuring your sugar cookies are baked to perfection makes a huge difference. Make sure you follow the recipe closely. Ingredients like sugar, butter, and baking soda, when mixed in accurate proportions, make a world of difference.
  3. Icing Consistency: When preparing your green icing and white icing, aim for a consistency that’s neither too thick nor too runny. Remember, royal icing can harden quickly. So, always cover your bowl with a damp cloth to keep the icing from drying out.
  4. Football Field Details: Use green icing to represent the football field. Let the frosted half dry. Then, frost the other side and slowly add the nonpareils to the football cookies. Optionally, use white frosting to add the yard lines. Lastly, the yellow icing can be piped on to depict the goal post.
  5. Team Spirit: Decorate your cookies with your favorite team colors. If you’re prepping for a super bowl party, consider making cookies representing both teams playing the big game.
  6. Storing the Treats: Once you’ve finished decorating, let the icing harden for several hours. Store the finished football stadium cookies in an airtight container to keep them fresh until game day.
  7. Getting Creative: Think of the cookies as a blank canvas. While the idea is to create a football field, feel free to sprinkle on some team spirit. Multicolored nonpareils can be added to depict the crowd or even the players.
  8. Recipe Variations: Want to add a twist? Consider adding vanilla extract or cream to your cookie dough for an extra layer of flavor.
  9. Ease of Decorating: If you’re new to decorating, don’t fret. Using a small bowl can help in mixing different colors of icing. And, if you’re looking for a super easy way, consider buying pre-made icing in green, white, and other team colors.
  10. Perfect for All Occasions: While these are perfect snacks for the football season and a sure-shot huge hit at a Super Bowl party, they also make for cute treats during birthdays or any occasion where football fans gather.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’re sure to create football stadium cookies that not only look the part but taste delicious too! Happy baking and decorating!

Football Stadium Cookies Conclusion

With the final whistle blown, it’s clear that football stadium cookies are the total score for any football-themed event.

The true magic lies in the decorating, transforming simple sugar cookies into miniature football fields.

The mix of green, white, and your favorite team colors makes these cookies both a visual delight and a tasty treat.

So, the next time the big game comes around or you’re just in the mood for some fun baking, remember this guide and decorate away.

These cookies are not just treats; they’re a testament to the spirit of football season and the joy of baking.

Let’s bake, decorate, and cheer our teams on with every bite!

Football Sugar Cookies On Plate - Featured Image

Football Sugar Cookies

Exactly how to decorate football sugar cookies without royal icing for Super Bowl, Football Sunday, & Tailgates! This post details exactly how to decorate football stadium sugar cookies.
Decorating Time** 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American


  • Stand mixer (or hand mixer + mixing bowl)
  • Measuring cups
  • Spatula
  • Rolling Pin
  • Baking tray
  • Parchment paper
  • Cooling rack
  • 4" circle cookie cutter
  • Toothpicks (to remove any air bubbles from the icing)


  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe
  • Green cookie icing
  • White cookie icing
  • Rainbow nonpareils
  • Yellow buttercream frosting


Bake & Cool The Sugar Cookies

  • First, prepare the sugar cookie dough.
  • Use a cookie cutter (or a drinking glass) to create perfect circles.
  • Bake according to the recipe (or package) instructions.
  • Let the cookies cool completely before decorating.

Decorate The Sugar Cookies

  • First, apply green icing to half of each cookie.
  • Let the icing dry completely (about 30 minutes).
  • Next, apply white icing to the other half of each cookie.
  • Then, cover the white icing with rainbow nonpareils. Gently tap off any excess nonpareils.
  • Let the icing dry for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Lastly, add the goal post using yellow frosting.


* Please refer to your sugar cookie recipe for serving details.
** Time does not include the time it takes to bake and cool the cookies. Please refer to your sugar cookie recipe for that information.
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