Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

This Valentine’s Day dessert board is filled with festive chocolates (truffles, bark, strawberries, pretzels, and Oreos), homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies, and mini raspberry bunt cakes.

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What better way to spread the love this year than with this Valentine’s Day Dessert Board?

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

This Valentine’s Day Dessert Board includes the following six desserts:

  1. Pink and Dark Chocolate Cake Balls
  2. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark
  3. Mini Raspberry Bundt Cake
  4. Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies
  5. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Oreos, & Strawberries
  6. Chocolate Candy Fillers

#1. Pink & Dark Chocolate Cake Balls

I love these cake balls because they are so easy to make and don’t require baking. Also, they are just four ingredients (cream cheese, Oreos, chocolate, and sprinkles)! 


  1. Beat 8oz of room temperature cream cheese with a hand mixer for 2 minutes.
  2. Crush 20 regular vanilla Oreos in a food processor.
  3. Mix crushed Oreos into cream cheese.
  4. Freeze the dough for 15 minutes.
  5. Scoop dough into balls.
  6. Freeze the dough for 15 minutes.
  7. Dip dough into melted chocolate and top with sprinkles.

Storing cake balls: Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.Note: Check out my No-Bake Cake Ball recipe for more detailed instructions.

#2. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

You can’t mess up this chocolate bark and it’s a great way to use leftover chocolate from other Valentine’s Day recipes.


  1. Pour melted chocolate on a large piece of parchment paper.
  2. Cover the chocolate with your favorite Valentine’s Day toppings.
    • I used M&Ms, sprinkles, sea salt, and butterscotch chips.
  3. Let the chocolate harden.
  4. Break into individual pieces.

Storing chocolate bark: Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.Note: Check out my St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Bark recipe for more detailed instructions.

#3. Mini Raspberry Bundt Cakes

I Heart Naptime’s Raspberry Bundt Cake recipe was a last-minute addition to my Valentine’s Day Desserts board because I felt like something was missing from my board. These bundt cakes tasted so yummy. Head to her site for the recipe.

Note, I made two minor substitutions to the bunt cake recipe:

  1. Swapped Cream Cheese Glaze
    • I swapped the cream cheese glaze for a two-ingredient glaze because wanted to keep all recipes on this tray as simple as possible.
    • To make the glaze: add 1/2 tsp of water to 1 1/2 cups of sifted confectioner’s sugar. Mix well and slowly add 1/4 tsp of water until the consistency is smooth. Finally, add pink or red food coloring.
  2. Swapped Pan Size
    • The recipe suggests a regular bundt pan or a six-cavity mini bunt pan.
    • I used a 24-cavity mini bundt pan because I already had it at home. I actually think this worked out perfectly for the desserts board though. I baked the 24-cavity mini bundts in a 350-degree oven for 12 minutes.

Storing mini bundt cakes: Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

#4. Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies

I continue to use and love Handle The Heat’s Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookie & Icing recipe on most of my dessert boards. Head to her website for the recipe and storage instructions.

Tip: the recipe makes a lot of dough, so I recommend using half of the dough for this Valentine’s Day Desserts board and freezing the remaining dough for your next event, such as the Super Bowl.  

#5. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Oreos, and Strawberries

Simply dip pretzel rods, strawberries, and Oreos in melted chocolate. Add your choice of Valentine’s Day dessert sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.

#6. Chocolate Filler

I can’t emphasize the importance of filler enough. Not only are fillers an opportunity to add color, texture, and shape, but filler hides any small gaps in your tray, which is what will make your Valentine’s Day dessert board look professional.

The chocolate filler I used in my desserts board includes: 

  1. M&Ms
  2. Hershey Kisses
  3. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ghirardelli Dark Squares
  4. Milk Chocolate Lindor Truffles
  5. Kirkland Chocolate Liquors

How To Arrange A Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

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Your the best!!!!! Can’t wait to try these. Great job Sam.

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