New Year’s Eve Dessert Table

Ring in 2022 with this New Year’s Eve Dessert Table! This table is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party and features all of your favorite sweet treats. From cake to cookies, there’s something for everyone.

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Table of Contents: New Year’s Eve Dessert Table

  1. How To Make A New Year’s Eve Dessert Table
  2. New Year’s Eve Candy And Cookies
  3. What You Need To Make A NYE Dessert Table

How To Make A New Year’s Eve Dessert Table

Step 1: Bake The 2022 Cake

Feel free to use a cake mix or your favorite homemade cake recipe.

I opted for cake mixes to save time.

Each number (2,0,2, and 2) required its own box of cake mix.

Keep this in mind, if you are following a homemade cake recipe, you may need to make three or five batches, depending on the recipe.

Aim to fill the cake pan halfway with cake batter.

Collage of unbaked and baked '2' and '0' cake

I recommend baking the cakes the day before because it will take about 2.5 hours to bake the four cakes if you only have one adjustable number cake pan.

Once the cake has cooled on a wire rack, then transfer the cake to a piece of cardboard that is covered with aluminum foil. 

Wrap each cake generously in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out overnight.

If you are serving the cakes right away, you can skip the plastic wrap and move on to frosting the cakes. 

2022 Cake wrapped in plastic wrap on a table with a black table cloth

I left the cakes on the table overnight because I didn’t have enough room in the fridge and our house was cold enough. 

If you have the option, you could also store the cakes in the garage overnight, just make sure they are in a secure place and don’t attract any furry friends.

Collage of unfrosted and frosted '2' and '0' cake

Step 2: Frost The Cakes

I used the buttercream frosting recipe from my Brownie Birthday Cake post

You could also use store-bought frosting to save time.

I chose to frost only the top of the cake to keep things cleaner.

In other words, I didn’t want the chocolates and cookies to get covered with frosting.

2022 Cake frosted on a table with a black table cloth

Step 3: Prepare The NYE Dessert Table

Position the dessert plates and cake server to the left of the first ‘2’ cake.

Next, add a large handful of candy, and candle votive to fill the left side of the table.

Left side of a New Year's Eve Dessert Table with plates and cake spoon.

Next, place more cookies and chocolates above and below the ‘2’ cake.

I like to use a variety of colors (gold, white, black and brown), shapes (spheres, rods, pretzels, etc.), and textures (foil, chocolate, etc).

Continue adding handfuls of different cookies and candies around the table until it’s filled.

Close up image of the first frosted '2' cake

Close up image of the frosted '0' cake

Distribute about six candle votives around the table. 

Wait to light the candles until after you have finished setting up the table.

Keep in mind, if chocolate is placed directly against the candle, it will melt.

I didn’t mind this because I think the candles are a nice touch to the table, but they are optional. 

If this New Year’s Eve dessert table is for kids, you may want to skip the candels entirely.

Close up image of the second frosted '2' cake

Keep in mind you don’t need the entire table to be covered in chocolates and cookies.

I added mini disco balls from Amazon along with grey and gold vase filler from dollar tree.

Close up image of the third frosted '2' cake. The right side of the New Year's Eve Dessert Table

New Year’s Eve Dessert Table:

Candy And Cookies

Below are the festive NYE candies and cookies I used for this dessert table:

  • Hershey Kisses
  • Rollos
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • White Chocolate Pretzels
  • Oreos
  • Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies
  • Fudge Stripe Cookies
  • Waffer Roll Cookies

New Year's Eve Dessert Table

New Year’s Eve Dessert Table:


I Want To Hear From You!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

Also, if you made this New Year’s Eve Dessert table, I’d love to see it! 

Tag me on Instagram: @lifestyledbysam_ 

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