Football Brunch Party Ideas

10 football brunch party ideas for a winning game day! Ideas range from easy recipes to inexpensive decorations to fun games. Enjoy these ideas for any football Sunday or the Super Bowl!

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Football Brunch Party Ideas

  1. Football donuts
  2. Breakfast skillet
  3. Football cinnamon rolls
  4. Breakfast sandwiches
  5. Football bingo
  6. Football plates and napkins
  7. Chalk board
  8. Ballons
  9. Football party pack
  10. Mini footballs

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Football Brunch Party Ideas #1: 

Football Donuts

Kicking things off with these easy football donuts!

Use white cookie icing to make the laces on your favorite Boston cream donuts.

Tip: depending on how many donuts you plan to buy, you may want to call your donut shop in advance to make sure enough donuts are ready for pickup.

I served the donuts on this tiered tray.

Boston cream donuts on a tiered tray decorated with white cookie icing for laces

Football Brunch Party Ideas #2: 

Breakfast Skillet

This hearty, savory breakfast skillet is sure to satisfy hungry football players (and friends that don’t like sweets for brunch).

Close up of a hearty breakfast skillet for a football brunch

Football Brunch Party Ideas #3: 

Football Cinnamon Rolls

These football cinnamon rolls are made with 2 cans of pillsbury cinnamon rolls and 1 container of vanilla frosting.


  1. First, lightly grease a lined baking tray with spray butter.
  2. Next, arrange the uncooked cinnamon rolls in a football shape.
  3. Then, bake according to the package instructions.
  4. Next, add the glaze that comes in the cinnamon rolls container.
  5. Then, transfer the frosting from its container to a zip lock bag and cut a corner off the pouch.
  6. Lastly, create the laces shape with one horizontal line and 3 intersecting lines. 

Cinnamon rolls shaped like a football

Football Brunch Party Ideas #4: 

Breakfast Sandwiches

I made the Kitchn’s croissant breakfast sandwiches, wrapped them in aluminum foil, and served them warm on this buffet warming tray.

Breakfast skillet on a buffet warming tray with a football balloon

Football Brunch Party Ideas #5: 

Football Bingo

Make brunch even more fun with football bingo! 

Use the form below this image to receive your free 10 bingo cards to print at home on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Graphic image of football bingo cards

Football Brunch Party Ideas #6: 

Football Plates & Napkins

These football plates and napkins are probably the most practical yet festive option for your football brunch table.

Plus, they make clean up a breeze!

Football plates and napkins

Football Brunch Party Ideas #7:

Chalk Board

This chalk board might just be my favorite part of this whole table!

You can copy the football play I used, or check out other football plays here.

Large wooden chalk board with a football x o play displayed

Football Brunch Party Ideas #8: 


Don’t underestimate the power of balloons!

They are an inexpensive way to elevate (get it? ☺️) your buffet table.

I used this football balloon set from Amazon.

Green, brown, black, and silver football baoons

Football Brunch Party Ideas #9: 

Football Party Pack

If you’re looking for JUST ONE thing to make your football brunch stand out, then choose this football themed party pack

It includes a game day table cloth, penalty flags, and paper products.

Long view of a football brunch buffet table

Football Brunch Party Ideas #10: 

Mini Footballs

These mini footballs are a great way to fill up empty space on your table in a festive way.

(They also make a great party favor for kids!)

Breakfast skillet with potato, eggs, cheese, and bacon

I Want To Hear From You!

What’s your favorite football brunch idea?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you hosted a football brunch party, I’d love to see it!

Tag me on Instagram: @lifestyledbysam_ 

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