Margarita Bar Cart

This margarita bar cart is filled with all of the essential ingredients and equipment to help your guests craft the best margarita cocktail. Set up this DIY Margarita bar for a Cinco de Mayo party or just because!

If you’re reading this post, you probably, like me, love a good margarita.

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Now that we’re friends (which we are, regardless if you took the above action ?), let’s talk about how to creat the ultimate diy margarita bar cart!

Margarita Bar Cart Introduction

If you’ve always wanted delicious margaritas to serve your guests and become the fashionable hostess of the most fun-filled party, look no further! The Margarita Bar Cart is your perfect fiesta inspiration. Brimming with everything from tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur to the cutest decorations, it guarantees the yummiest drinks that’ll make your party pop!

Margarita Bar Cart Ingredients


  1. Tequila (Kirkland, Jose Cuervo, 1800, Espolon, Patron, etc.)
  2. Orange liqueur (Triple Sec, Conintreau)
  3. Simple syrup (Rose’s, Torani)
  4. Fruit juice (mango, pineapple, orange)
  5. Lime juice (freshly-squeezed)

Fruit and Veggie Garnish

  1. Limes
  2. Jalapenos
  3. Pineapple
  4. Blackberries
  5. Raspberries


  1. Ice
  2. Sea salt
  3. Tajin seasoning

Margarita Bar Cart Equipment

1. Bar Cart

If you don’t have a bar cart, you could also use your kitchen counter or kitchen table. However, if you’re in the market for a bar cart, and have the space, I have seen them priced as low as $58 on Walmart. com (like this one).

2. Margarita Glasses

I’m using Williams Sonoma’s DuraClear multicolored glasses that are actually old-fashioned glasses. WS sells similar drinkware for margaritas, but I prefer the stemless version of this glass and find that the old-fashioned glasses are more versatile. Other margarita glasses I am loving: one and two.

3. Serving Bowls

I love these colorful mini melamine bowls from Amazon because they make your bar cart pop and they are the perfect size for fresh fruit.

Bar cart decorated with everything you need to craft the perfect margarita

4. Cocktail Picks

Is it just me or do cocktail picks make every single drink look complete and like it was made by a bartender? I went for stainless steel cocktail picks so I could reuse mine again.

5. Bartender Kit

I’ll be the first to admit that I had to wash off the dust from my bartender kit because I generally just pour the liquids straight into the glass I’ll be drinking from. However, I’m glad I dusted off my kit because it was fun to finally use this set and it completes the Margarita-bar-cart look. I couldn’t find my exact set online because it was a gift, but this bartender set from Amazon has great reviews and is currently on sale for $17

6. Decorations

Decorations are completely optional, but I love the way the whole pineapple and mini cactus fill empty space and contribute to the margarita-bar-cart vibes. Other suggestions include flowers, succulents, and a vase filled with limes and lemons.

7. Blender

A blender is also optional, as long as you (and your guests) enjoy margaritas on-the-rocks. Keep in mind, if you choose to incorporate a blender, you will need to position your bar cart near a wall out and prepare extra ice in advance.

Recipes To Enjoy With A Margarita Bar Cart

Occasions To Prepare A Margarita Bar Cart

Margarita Bar Cart Conclusion

In essence, the Margarita Bar Cart is not just about mixing drinks—it’s about creating an experience. Every bottle of tequila, splash of lime juice, and drop of triple sec contributes to a drink that embodies the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and other festive occasions. So, whether you’re hosting a room full of friends or just looking for the perfect way to whip up delicious margaritas, remember: the secret lies in the details. From the vase filled with limes and lemons to the simple syrup that sweetens the mix, every element is essential. Cheers to the fun, friends, and flavorful drinks!

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