Margarita Bar Cart

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This margarita bar cart is filled with all of the essential ingredients and equipment to help your guests craft the best margarita cocktail. Set up this DIY Margarita bar for a Cinco de Mayo party or just because! If you’re reading this post, you probably, like me, love a good margarita. If so, let’s be […]

Quesadilla Board (AKA Quesadilla Charcuterie Board)

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This quesadilla board is loaded with easy (and cheesy!) beef, chicken, and veggie quesadilla recipes and is surrounded by tortilla chips, queso, salsa, sour cream, and more. A food board perfect for Cinco de Mayo or a Mexican fiesta! This quesadilla board is colorful and customizable! Choose your favorite quesadilla recipes based on the occasion […]

Acai Bowl Recipe

This quick, easy, and healthy acai bowl recipe is made with frozen acai puree, bananas, berries, milk, and your choice of toppings in under 10 minutes. A few months ago, a started noticing everyone walking around the city in their gym clothes with what looked like large containers of frozen yogurt loaded with fruits. Then, […]

Waffle Board: The Ultimate Waffle Brunch Board

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What better way is there to start off a Saturday or Sunday brunch than with this waffle board? Using homemade, fresh, or frozen waffles, you can build your own waffle board with bacon and all of your favorite waffle toppings. Related: Breakfast Board, Christmas Breakfast Board This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a […]

Ice Cream Sundae Charcuterie Board

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This healthy-ish ice cream sundae charcuterie board for two is a great way to cool off after a hot day with your SO without totally overindulging. Life after COVID is already in full swing and I’ve been looking for an excuse to have a Netflix night with Nick (if you are interested in other date […]

DIY Edible Arrangement

A DIY edible arrangement is a thoughtful, creative, homemade gift for a friend, family member, or loved one for so many different occasions. DIY Edible Arrangement Are you looking to impress your guests with a stunning and delicious centerpiece for your next gathering? Look no further than a DIY Edible Arrangement! Creating your own fruit […]

Sweet and Salty Charcuterie Board

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This sweet and salty charcuterie board is perfect for movie night, game day, a watch party, birthday party, and more.  It’s easy to make and perfect for entertaining or hosting a large crowd. Charcuterie boards and snack boards are everywhere these days and for good reason: you can’t mess them up, they look beautiful and […]

Italian Date Night At Home

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Looking to recreate the magic of an Italian date night right at home? Whether you’re looking for a cozy evening in or simply want a special date night without heading out, “Italian Date Night At Home” is the perfect solution. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Italian culture. Imagine setting the table with homemade pasta, […]

BBQ Chicken Crescent Ring

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This easy, melt-in-your-mouth, BBQ Chicken crescent ring recipe is easy, delicious, and made with crockpot-shredded chicken, bacon, cheese, and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Related: Super Bowl & Game Day, Crockpot BBQ Chicken This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. […]

Easy Greek Gyro Recipe

Make your Yiayia proud with this easy Greek gyro recipe! Using beef, chicken, or lamb, you can quickly whip up this gyro recipe at home with just a few ingredients. Whether you’re trying to make your ‘Yiayia’ (Greek for grandmother) proud, or just need a break from having chicken for dinner, this Greek gyro recipe […]