Football Stadium Cookies

Football Sugar Cookies On Plate - Featured Image

Exactly how to decorate football stadium cookies without royal icing for Super Bowl, Football Sunday, & Tailgates! This post details exactly how to decorate football sugar cookies! Related: Super Bowl Football season is in full swing, and what better way to show your team spirit than with some delectably designed treats? Welcome to a fun […]

How To Make A Football Shaped Cake

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Step by step instructions for how to make a football shaped cake with a cake mix and 8″ round cake pans in under 1.5 hours! This chocolate double layer cake doesn’t require a special football pan or a lot of experience with cake decorating. Related: Super Bowl, Football Cake Balls Every year, as the big […]

Football Pretzel Rods

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These football pretzel rods will definitely score you a touchdown on game day! This post provides step-by-step instructions for the best football pretzels and easy-to-make football laces. Related: Super Bowl & Game Day, Super Bowl Desserts Board Ah, football season! Whether you’re gearing up for the Super Bowl or just cheering on your favorite team, […]

Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies Recipe

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Easiest Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies Recipe! These chocolate cookies are my go-to recipe after all my Christmas baking is complete because I use toppings leftover from previous Christmas recipes. Related: Christmas, White-Chocolate Dipped Christmas Cookies Ah, Christmas – a time of joy, festivity, and an undeniable excuse to indulge in delightful desserts! Enter the “Kitchen […]

Halloween Candy Trifle

Image of prepared Halloween Trifle with layers of pudding, pumpkin dip, angel food cake, and candy.

Wondering what to do with leftover Halloween candy? Look no further! This leftover Halloween candy trifle is a fun, creative, and easy way to use up what’s left of your Halloween Candy this fall.  Halloween brings with it a delightful dilemma: an overflow of leftover Halloween candy. Rather than let those sugary treats go to […]

8 Halloween Brownie Ideas

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Cute, spooky, and easy Halloween brownie ideas worth bookmarking for years to come! In this post, you will learn how to decorate Frankenstein, a mummy, a bat, a pumpkin, Dracula, and more. Serve these brownies at a Halloween party, on a Halloween dessert board, or make them with kids or friends for a fun Halloween […]

Football Cake Balls

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These football cake balls are easy to make, delicious, and perfect for tailgating, game day, a football party, and the Super Bowl!  Related: Super Bowl, Football Desserts Board This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read the full […]

The Ultimate Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

October Cookie Tray - Square

Looking for the ultimate Halloween candy charcuterie board? Look no further! When you think of Halloween, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, and of course, candies immediately spring to mind. As this spooky season approaches, you might be scouring Pinterest for fun ideas for your next Halloween party. This post will introduce you to a Halloween party must-have: […]

Decorate Your Own Easter Cookies

Decorate Your Own Easter Cookies

Decorate your own Easter cookies with kids, friends, and family! This Easter cookie board is filled with easy cake mix cookies, frosting, and the best Easter candy toppings (shredded coconut flakes, Cadbury eggs), and morning.  Serve your decorated Easter cookies on your Easter dessert table or share them with neighbors, friends, and family. Related: Easter, […]

Taco Board with Steak and Shrimp

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This taco board with juicy steak, grilled shrimp, and all the taco essentials (tortillas, slaw, chips, salsa, and guacamole) will definitely spice up your next Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, or date night at home. I love Mexican food ~almost~ as much as I love pizza. From early spring to late fall, it’s not hard to […]

Halloween Skeleton Charcuterie Board

Halloween Skeleton Charcuterie Board Featured Image

Welcome to our blog post on the Halloween Skeleton Charcuterie Board! Get ready to impress your party guests with this spooky and delicious treat. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate the season, this Halloween Skeleton Charcuterie Board is sure to be a hit. On […]

Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies

Featured image of Birthday Cake Mix Cookies

This easy funfetti cake mix cookies recipe is made with a cake mix, eggs, oil, and rainbow sprinkles. These rainbow funfetti cookies are perfect for a birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and Pride in June. Related: Birthday This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at […]

No-Bake Cake Balls

Simple, 3 ingredient, easy, no-bake cake balls recipe made without cake mix (just chocolate, oreo, and cream cheese).

Sheet Pan Nachos

Complicated and time-consuming dinners, appetizers, or snacks NACHO thing? Then you need these easy, delicious, customizable sheet pan nachos recipe loaded with ground beef (or chicken or turkey), black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, and salsa. How to make Sheet Pan Nachos See detailed instructions in the sheet pan nacho recipe card below. Distribute Tostitos on a […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

sweet potato casserole

This sweet potato casserole recipe is easy, topped with marshmallows and buttery pecans, and is the perfect side dish for your dinner table this holiday. Sweet potato casserole is my favorite Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving dish for so many reasons; it’s easy to make, it can be made in advance, and it’s practically dessert for dinner. […]

Chicken Sausage, Peppers and Onions

Chicken Sausage, Peppers and Onions Looking for a low-ish carb recipe for dinner that’s actually filling? Look no further. This chicken sausage, peppers, and onion recipe is – you guessed it – just 3 ingredients, delicious, and ready in just 30 minutes. Saute the sliced peppers and onions. Heat the pre-cooked chicken sausage according to […]

Classic Charcuterie Board

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I love a classic charcuterie board for many of the same reasons that I love dessert boards – they can be customized for any event, they stand out in all tablescapes, and you can substitute ingredients based on what you have at home, what’s on sale, and what’s in season. Creating Your Own Classic Charcuterie […]

Sheet Pan Beef Crunch Wrap Supreme

DIY crunch wrap supreme recipe with beef, black beans, cheeses, sour cream, and more. An easy, sheet pan recipe that is perfect for a crowd. Related: Quesadilla Board, Taco Board I love ‘wow’ recipes that feed a crowd and are easy to make, so this Crunch Wrap Supreme is not only a friend favorite but […]

Haunted Halloween Cookie House

Collage of haunted halloween cookie house, cookies, frosting, and decorations - featured image

Why wait for Christmas to make gingerbread houses when you can get started this October with a Haunted Halloween Cookie House? These edible houses are made with chocolate sugar cookies (or gingerbread), frosting, and your favorite Halloween candy.  A Haunted Halloween Cookie House Party is a great way to kick off the holiday for kids […]

Turkey Cheese Ball

Turkey Cheese Ball

What’s a great way to make your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving event a little more festive this year? T H I S    T U R K E Y    C H E E S E B A L L. Seriously though, this cheese ball: Can be made the night before, to save you time the […]